knoll2018_headshot_smallI am Dr. Benjamin Knoll, currently working as a researcher at APQC.

In a former professional life I was an academic political scientist specializing in American public opinion and voting behavior, specifically in the fields of religion and politics and race and politics. Information about my research projects (both past and present) can be found here, as well as occasional blog posts about topics of interest.

My LinkedIn profile is available here. My Google Scholar profile contains links to my various publications, conference presentations, and book reviews. (My formal CV can be found here.) My Religion in Public blog entries can be found here and my Huffington Post entries can be found here. I am a Co-Director the Next Mormons Survey. I am also on Twitter at @benjaminknoll28.

For those who are curious, the title of the blog is a very poor pun on the phonetic pronunciation of the word “informational.” Hopefully, readers will find Information Knoll to be at least marginally informational…

(All views expressed here are my own.)