Current Research

My research focuses on American political behavior, specifically public opinion and voting behavior. Within that sub-field I specialize in religion and politics, race and politics, and political psychology. Specifically, my main research questions investigate attitudes involving minority groups within society, particularly racial, national, and religious minorities.

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As of 2019 I am an Editorial Board member for Social Science Quarterly.

BOOK: She Preached the Word by Benjamin Knoll and Cammie Jo Bolin, Oxford University Press, 2018. More information available here.

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The Next Mormons Survey

by Jana Riess and Benjamin Knoll

The 2016 Next Mormons Survey is an online public opinion survey of current and former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the United States. This survey sampled 1,156 self-identified Mormons and 540 self-identified former Mormons between September 8 and November 1, 2016 and is representative of American Mormons and former Mormons nationally. With over 120 questions, it is, to our knowledge, the most extensive collection of Mormon attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors collected by independent or academic researchers to date. For more information, including methodology and published results, see the survey’s website here.

A sampling of published survey results can be found below. A comprehensive list can be found here.