I am Benjamin Knoll, an Assistant Professor of Politics at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. My research focuses on the public opinion and voting behavior of the American public, specifically in the fields of race and politics and religion and politics. My teaching at Centre College focuses on American political behavior and institutions.

The objectives of this blog are as follows:

  1. To provide commentary and analysis on political matters from the perspective of a political science professor at a small liberal arts college.
  2. To share information about my current research projects and any insights they might provide to help understand contemporary American politics.
  3. To provide an educational resource for my intrepid Politics students, as well as the entire Centre community.

For those who are curious, the title of the blog is a very poor pun on the phonetic pronunciation of the word “informational.” Hopefully, readers will find Information Knoll to be at least marginally “information-al”…

Note: the views and opinions expressed herein are those of myself only and do not necessarily reflect the position or views of Centre College or its associated entities.