Previewing the 2016 Boyle County Exit Poll



The exit polling boxes are ready to go!

As has been the case since 2011, next week on Election Day my Centre College students will be fielding exit poll surveys at voting locations throughout Boyle County. This year they will be joined by students from Ryan New’s AP U.S. Government course at Boyle County High School.

This year’s survey project will be largely the same as previous years, but with one key innovation: we are introducing electronic devices to field the exit poll surveys. Students will be collecting survey responses using iPad devices at each voting location. This will increase efficiency and decrease the time needed to input the survey data on the evening of election night. (We will still have paper surveys available as a backup or for those who would prefer that option.)

As before, I intend to publish the results of the survey here on this blog. I will post the initial results either late in the evening on Election Day or sometime the next day (Wednesday), depending on how long it takes to get everything compiled and analyzed.

As always, we look forward to the participation and involvement of Boyle County voters who have been great to work with in previous years.

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