How did minorities vote in the 2012 Danville City Commission election?

In total, 1,461 Boyle County voters completed the 2012 Boyle County Exit Poll. Of those, 1,038 reported being Danville residents of whom 120 reported non-white race/ethnicity, or a total of 12.1% of Danville voters. Here is a summary of how minority voters in Danville voted in the city commission race compared to those reporting “white” race/ethnicity. (See here for more information about the poll, response rates, margin of error, etc.)

Note: the following figures should be interpreted by % vote for candidate or % indicating approval for each particular issue. For example, the first row indicates that 27.6% of minorities voted for Paul Smiley while 43.9% of non-minorities voted for Smiley.

  Minority Non-minority
Voted for Smiley 27.6% 43.9%
Voted for Montgomery 32.7% 25.6%
Voted for Louis 29.9% 31.9%
Voted for Hamner 39.2% 50.1%
Voted for Atkins 64.9% 60.6%
Voted for Caudill 32.7% 58.4%
Voted for Stevens 52.6% 68.0%
Jobs 30.2% 35.3%
Education 21.7% 13.5%
Racial/ethnic tension 13.2% 1.0%
Danville on the right track 70.2% 70.3%
Approve Mayor Hunstad 47.7% 40.2%
Approve City Commission 60.8% 39.1%
Approve of water plant expansion 68.4% 73.1%
Approve of Tony Gray appointment 86.3% 88.0%
Approve of Ron Scott appointment 57.0% 44.8%
Approve of city budget process 45.9% 39.8%
Approve of VP debate preparations 86.6% 93.3%
Approve of BISCO building purchase 52.4% 35.9%


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