“Next Generation Science Standards”

Given that we have members of the U.S. Congress who say things like this about the American Community Survey:

“In the end this is not a scientific survey. It’s a random survey.”

I’m therefore generally supportive of efforts like this:

…[T]he guidelines were intended to combat widespread scientific ignorance, to standardize teaching among states, and to raise the number of high school graduates who choose scientific and technical majors in college, a critical issue for the country’s economic future.

The focus would be helping students become more intelligent science consumers by learning how scientific work is done: how ideas are developed and tested, what counts as strong or weak evidence, and how insights from many disciplines fit together into a coherent picture of the world.


I especially like that these science standards are not mandates from the government, but rather recommendations from science teachers from around the country.

And I suppose this means that I have to reveal my pro-science bias (if it was not already evident). I see the scientific enterprise as a legitimate and more-or-less reliable way to establish “truth” at this point in human history. (Although I do not exclude other methods as more-or-less reliable means for establishing other types of “truth” – but that starts to become a philosophical question…)

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