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New immigration survey out from PRRI/Brookings

Full results here:

Some highlights:

  • “More than 7-in-10 (71%) Democrats, nearly two-thirds (64%) of independents, and a majority (53%) of Republicans favor an earned path to citizenship.”
  • “Majorities of all religious groups, including Hispanic Catholics (74%), Hispanic Protestants (71%), black Protestants (70%), Jewish Americans (67%), Mormons (63%), white Catholics (62%), white mainline Protestants (61%), and white evangelical Protestants (56%) agree that the immigration system should allow immigrants currently living in the U.S. illegally to become citizens provided they meet certain requirements.”

The nationally-representative sample of more than 4,500 respondents makes this an especially useful survey.

Four examples of how political science benefits society

For those who haven’t been following the issue of the Senate recently de-funding most NSF political science projects, here’s a concise summary along with four solid examples of how political science research benefits society:

For those so inclined, it wouldn’t hurt if you contacted your federal representatives to ask that this funding be restored in next year’s budget.

Public Religion Research Institute / Brookings to release immigration survey

I’m excited about the upcoming release of the results of this survey:

On March 21, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and the religion, policy and politics project at Brookings will host a forum to release a new national opinion survey on religion, values and immigration reform. With nearly 4,500 respondents, the survey is one of the largest ever conducted on the issue of immigration. The accompanying research report, authored by PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones, PRRI Research Director Daniel Cox, and PRRI Research Associate Juhem Navarro-Rivera, along with Brookings Senior Fellows E.J. Dionne, Jr. and William Galston explores general sentiment toward immigrant communities, opinions on the impact that immigrants have on American culture and public support for specific policy approaches to immigration reform. The report also explores support for immigration policy among religious groups and the political implications of the issue for and within both the Democratic and Republican parties.

More information available here:

2012 Boyle County Exit Poll data file available for download

For interested parties, the data file of the 2012 Boyle County Exit Poll is now publicly available. It can be downloaded here:

Happy number crunching!