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Visualizing the 2013 State of the Union address and responses

Here’s a Wordle visual representation of President Obama’s State of the Union address:


Here’s Senator Marco Rubio’s Republican response:




Here’s Senator Rand Paul’s Tea Party response:paulsotu

This time around, a more supportive stance on immigration from religious organizations

The usual suspects pushing immigration reform have a new ally in the fight this time — the religious right.

Christian conservatives, who stayed on the sidelines in 2006 or opposed reform outright, have sprung into action for the cause.

They’re talking to their congregations from the pulpit. They’re urging lawmakers in private meetings to support reform. And they’re even calling for change publicly.

Full article here:

Given my past research on religion and immigration attitudes, I find these developments very encouraging. 

More punditry on immigration reform

Some excerpts from David Brooks’ recent editorial on the case for immigration reform:

The forlorn pundit doesn’t even have to make the humanitarian case that immigration reform would be a great victory for human dignity. The cold economic case by itself is so strong. …

Thanks to the labor of low-skill immigrants, the cost of food, homes and child care comes down, living standards rise and more women can afford to work outside the home.

The second clear finding is that many of the fears associated with immigration, including illegal immigration, are overblown.

Immigrants are doing a reasonable job of assimilating. Almost all of the children of immigrants from Africa and Asia speak English and more than 90 percent of the children of Latin-American immigrants do. New immigrants may start out disproportionately in construction and food-service jobs, but, by second and third generation, their occupation profiles are little different from the native-born. …

The second big conclusion is that if we can’t pass a law this year, given the overwhelming strength of the evidence, then we really are a pathetic basket case of a nation.

Full article available here: