Ideological and partisan patterns in Danville’s city commission election

More from the 2012 Boyle County Exit Poll:

Among Danville voters:

% calling themselves “conservative” – % calling themselves “liberal”:

13% Smiley
13% Montgomery
19% Louis
15% Hunstad approval
13% City Commission approval

In other words, you could say that Paul Smiley had a 13% advantage among self-reported conservatives as compared to self-reported liberals. Use a similar interpretation for all of the following graphs: 

% calling themselves “liberal” – % calling themselves “conservative”:

20% Hamner
20% Atkins
14% Caudill
10% Stevens

 % calling themselves Republican (and independent-lean-Republican) – % calling themselves Democrats (and independent-lean-Democrat):

18% Smiley
16% Montgomery
9% Louis
9% Hunstad approval

 % calling themselves Democrat (and independent-lean-Democrat) – % calling themselves Republican (and independent-lean-Republican):

13% Hamner
17% Atkins
3% Caudill
7% Stevens

It looks like there was a clear partisan/ideological difference in voting patterns for the various city commission candidates and in approval/disapproval of Mayor Hunstad. Smiley, Montgomery, and Louis had anywhere from a 9%-19% advantage among conservatives and Republicans. Atkins, Caudill, Stevens, and Hamner had between a 3%-20% advantage among liberals and Democrats (especially Hamner and Atkins), although Stevens and Caudill seemed to have a smaller ideological/partisan advantage amongst liberals and Democrats.

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