2012 Boyle County Exit Poll – Approve/disapprove and local community priorities

Here are the preliminary results from the 2012 Boyle County Exit Poll, administered by Centre College. Upcoming posts will include a look at the degree of accuracy of this exit poll as well as analyzing the outcomes of the local races. This exit poll was administered to Boyle County voters on November 6, 2012. Respondents were randomly selected by interviewers to participate in the survey. Centre College students enrolled in Professor Benjamin Knoll’s GOV 110 (Introduction to Politics), GOV 210 (Introduction to American Politics), and GOV 330 (Parties, Campaigns, and Elections) courses participated in designing and administering the exit poll. Students were on-site from 6:00 AM through 6:00 PM surveying voters as they left the polling locations on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. In all, 1,461 Boyle County voters (including 1,038 self-reported from Danville) participated in the exit poll. The following statistics have a margin of error of ±2.4% for questions given to all Boyle County voters.


What is the single most important problem that our local area (Boyle County) needs to solve?

  • 30% – Jobs
  • 12.8% – Education
  • 12.6% – Economic development
  • 10.3% – Prescription drug abuse

 Do you approve of the way that the following political leaders are handling their job?

  • President Obama: 42% approve, 53.4% disapprove, 4.6% don’t know/no opinion
  • Senator Mitch McConnell: 33% approve, 52.2% disapprove, 14.9% don’t know/no opinion
  • Senator Rand Paul: 41.5% approve, 40.4% disapprove, 18.1% don’t know/no opinion
  • Congressman Brett Guthrie: 44.1% approve, 21.4% disapprove, 34.5% don’t know/no opinion
  • Boyle Judge-Executive Harold McKinney: 58.4% approve, 13.9% disapprove, 27.7% don’t know/no opinion


Generally speaking, do you believe Danville is heading in the right direction or heading off on the wrong track?

  • 63.5% right direction, 26.3% on the wrong track, 10.2% don’t know/no opinion

Do you approve of the way that the following political leaders are handling their job?

  • Mayor Bernie Hunstad: 32.2% approve, 45.6% disapprove, 22.3% don’t know/no opinion
  • Danville City Commission: 30.9% approve, 43.1% disapprove, 26% don’t know/no opinion [note: corrected from previous post]

Do you approve or disapprove of Danville City Commission’s handling of the following issues:

  • Water system expansion project: 54.7% approve, 20.8% disapprove, 24.5% don’t know/no opinion
  • Hiring process/choice of Police Chief Tony Gray: 70.3% approve, 9.6% disapprove, 20% don’t know/no opinion
  • Hiring process/choice of City Manager Ron Scott: 32.6% approve, 38.1% disapprove, 29.4% don’t know/no opinion
  • Management of the city budget: 29.7% approve, 43.7% disapprove, 26.6% don’t know/no opinion
  • Preparing for the VP debate: 77% approve, 6.4% disapprove, 16.7% don’t know/no opinion
  • Purchase of the BISCO building: 27.1% approve, 43.9% disapprove, 29% don’t know/no opinion


  • 24% liberal, 33% moderate, 33% conservative
  • 43.5% Democrat or Independent-lean-Democrat, 6.6% Independent, 41.6% Republican or Independent-lean-Republican
  • 55% female, 45% male
  • 89.7% white, 6.4% African-American, 2.3% “other” race
  • 21% age 18-29; 26% age 30-44; 40% age 45-64; 13% age 65+
  • 3% Centre College student

One response to “2012 Boyle County Exit Poll – Approve/disapprove and local community priorities

  1. Centre Alum '91

    Thanks for doing this. I didn’t have time to do much more than fill the sheet out, but I am always glad to see Centre Students out and doing something in Danville.

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