Six hours to the 2012 Vice Presidential debate

This has been an exciting day so far, and it’s only about half over!

I started the day attending a Politico internet interview in downtown Danville featuring a number of political figures, including the co-chairs for the Commission on Presidential Debates and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. Later that morning I participated in a WEKU panel interview with NPR National Political Correspondent Don Gonyea, BBC Washington Bureau Chief Simon Wilson, McClatchy White House Correspondent Lesley Clark. That was a lot of fun! I will admit that I was intimidated to no small extent sitting three feet away from Don Gonyea as we broadcast a radio interview on the election and tonight’s debate. (I’ve only heard Don Gonyea’s on NPR at least once a week since since I was a teenager.) It was a lot of fun, though, and we had a great time. 

I’ve spent this afternoon mostly in the media filing center. There are reporters arriving from all over the country as well as from dozens of different countries. It’s been fun to participate in a number of TV and radio interviews. I’m here in the filing center with my colleague Dr. Dan Stroup, a fellow American politics professor here at Centre College. When a TV reporter wants to talk to a political science professor, we’re happy to oblige.

We’ve heard rumors that Paul Ryan and his family are now on campus going through practice runs and walk-throughs. Joe Biden arrived in Danville about an hour ago. They’ve got about six more hours until show time!

The rest of campus is a bustle of activity. There are media reporters everywhere (I watched CNN’s Dana Bash give an interview just earlier this morning, and then someone from NBC doing another interview). The Danville debate festival is going full swing on the other side of the security fence. We hope this will be a good event for the community. 

It’s also been fun to watch MSNBC taping their afternoon talk shows on a platform right outside my office building!

Things are sure to pick up here in a few more hours. Stay tuned! (@benjaminknoll28)

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