What am I doing this summer?

I tend to get this question a lot now that the semester is over. Contrary to popular perception, college professors do manage to stay busy even when classes are out for the summer. For those of you who are curious what a liberal arts professor does in the summertime, here’s my list:

  • Write a paper to present at a conference in September. (This includes doing a literature review, data analysis, and about 30+ pages of writing.)
  • Composing an outline for a research project that might take place this fall in collaboration with one of my colleagues here at Centre.
  • Doing a literature review for another paper that I might be writing later this fall (assuming no one has already written on the topic!).
  • Reviewing textbooks, drafting assignments, and putting together a syllabus for three different classes that I’ll be teaching in the fall.
  • Reading a series of books that might make their way into syllabi for the courses I have scheduled in the winter and spring terms.
  • Making preliminary arrangements for the field trip in my winter term class.
  • Grading AP American Government exams for a week in June.
  • Prepping for the next Boyle County Exit Poll project this November (drafting questions, meeting with the County Clerk, organizing schedules, etc.).
  • Helping organize the fall “faculty retreat” that will take place in August here at Centre.
  • Reviewing and drafting revisions to the GOV program assessment and curriculum documents.

That’s about it for now! Fortunately, I have a talented undergraduate student helping me with some of the research projects.

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