Some statistics from yesterday’s primary election

From the Kentucky State Board of Elections:

  • Voter turnout: 13.8%
  • Voter turnout in Boyle County: 7.3%
  • GOP primary: Romney 66.8%, Paul 12.3%, Santorum 8.9%, Gingrich 6.0%
  • GOP primary: counties won by Romney 119, counties won by Paul 1
  • GOP primary (Boyle county): Romney 66.8%, Paul 14.7%, Santorum 10.2%, Gingrich 4.3%
  • Democratic primary: Obama 57.6%, “uncommitted” 42.2%
  • Democratic primary: counties won by President Obama 54, counties won by “uncommitted” 66 (Obama tended to win central Kentucky while “uncommitted” carried eastern and western Kentucky)
  • Democratic primary (Boyle county): 56.9%, “uncommitted” 43.1%

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