Elections have consequences: Danville has a new city manager

In a 3-2 vote Monday night, Danville City Commissioners named Ron Scott the permanent city manager. The decision came after an hour-long executive session. So many residents packed the meeting room at city hall that some had to stand or wait in the hallway for the commission to finish the executive session.

Mayor Bernie Hunstad as well as Commissioners Gail Louis and Ryan Montgomery voted to hire Scott. Commissioners J.H. Atkins and Kevin Caudill voted “no.” Scott was interim city manager for nine months. The position became vacant more than a year ago when commissioners voted 3-2 to fire Paul Stansbury. The same commissioners who voted to hire Scott voted to fire Stansbury.


I’ll keep my personal opinions to myself on this, but regardless of how you feel about the issue (assuming that you’ve been following the Danville city manager saga…), it’s a clear reminder that elections have consequences.

A reminder also that as last November’s exit poll revealed, Danville voters disapproved of the original decision to terminate the former city manager by a 25-point margin. They also expressed disapproval of the city commission’s performance as a whole by nearly a 30-point margin. The two responses were very highly correlated.

My strong hunch is that the decision made last night regarding the new city manager will not do much to improve these sentiments amongst many Danville voters. This year’s city commission election will be interesting, indeed.

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