Romney moving slowly in appeal to Latino voters

A full year after Romney launched his presidential bid, the campaign doesn’t have a Spanish version of its website, nor has it hired a Spanish-speaking spokesperson. Romney boycotted a primary debate on Univision, leading to the event’s collapse, and, to date, he has only done one sit-down interview on a national Spanish network. The apparent apathy has left Latino advocates — and more than a few Republicans — baffled, wondering whether the campaign has already written off one of the fastest-growing demographics in the country.

Full article here:

Given President Obama’s extremely weak (and disappointing) record on the immigration issue (no real effort to push comprehensive reform, more deportations in three years than in Bush’s eight, etc.) and declining approval among Latinos, I would have thought the Romney camp would have sensed an opening and moved a little bit faster on their outreach to the Latino community. Maybe it’s on their “to-do” list.

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