New Obama campaign video “Forward” is aimed at partisan base

This is the Obama campaign’s latest propaganda video. It’s essentially a laundry list of all the accomplishments of Obama’s first term that his campaign is trying to emphasize. The list includes: 

  • Affordable Care Act (health care reform)
  • Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank)
  • Credit Card Act of 2009
  • Auto rescue package (Detroit bailout)
  • American Recover and Investment Act (the economic stimulus package)
  • Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (equal pay for women)
  • Increased funding for stem cell research
  • Guaranteed contraception coverage
  • A Latina on the Supreme Court (Sonia Sotomayor)
  • End of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
  • 1 trillion dollars cut from the government budget
  • Payroll tax cut for the middle class
  • Increased fuel efficiency standards and wind/solar investment
  • Ended the War in Iraq
  • Libya operation more-or-less successful (my words)
  • Osama bin Laden gone

The interesting thing that stands out to me is that there’s only a few things that Republicans or conservative Independents would view enthusiastically, or at least favorably (the budget cuts and demise of bin Laden). This suggests that Obama’s strategy, at least for now, is to focus on getting his liberal base excited to vote for his re-election instead of trying to swing Republican and “Independent” voters. As I’ve blogged about previously, this is very likely a much more effective strategy.

(For the record, I personally would also have liked to see 1) comprehensive immigration reform and halt of ICE immigration raids, 2) ending the Bush tax cuts, and 3) tempering the extreme partisanship/polarization in our system on that list. In my view, the lack of #1 is mostly Obama’s fault, #2 and #3 are not.)

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