Proficiency with statistics is becoming essential to getting a job in politics

This job opening came across my email inbox this morning:

National nonprofit serving the Latino community seeks a Research Associate to conduct data analysis and provide research assistance relating to Latino political engagement and impact. The Research Associate is responsible for compiling and analyzing statistics relating to Latino population demographics; Latino voting, registration, and other political behavior; and Latino elected officials and candidates for office. The data sources that will be used include Census data, statistics from other federal, state and local government agencies (including voter files), and survey research. … The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree with a strong undergraduate course work and performance in statistics and/or survey research or a master’s degree; or relevant work experience; excellent analytic skills and ability to compile information from a wide of variety of data sources; familiarity with statistical analysis and survey methodology; excellent writing and interpersonal skills …

To my students: these sorts of skills are becoming increasingly indispensable if you want to be competitive in the job market after graduation. This is why I make you learn the basics of data analysis in my classes!

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