Maureen Dowd on Romney vs. George. H. W. Bush

Their [Romney and H.W. Bush] political philosophies were not shaped by a passion for ideas as much as a desire to serve and an ambition to climb higher than their revered fathers. Pragmatism trumps ideology; survival trumps conviction. Both men, to the manner born in Greenwich and Bloomfield Hills, adapted uncomfortably to the fundamentalist tent meeting mood of the modern G.O.P., knowing their futures depended on Faustian deals with the right.

While Maureen Dowd is a tad extreme for my taste, this article did make me chuckle a little, especially when characterized Romney as similar to a 19th-century tightly-wound aristocrat. And as someone who is a cynical-leaning pragmatist, I don’t think that this (“pragmatism trumps ideology”) is the worst characteristic in the world for an elected official to have, especially for the President of the United States.

Full article available here.

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