Perceptions of the economy are improving

As this post at the Monkey Cage blog notes today, this is very good news for President Obama’s re-election prospects. The rate of improvement in the economy is more directly related to the chances of presidential incumbent re-election than overall economic conditions themselves. And perceptions of improvement in the economy are going up. 

Of course, this pattern needs to sustain itself for the next ten months or so if Obama is to benefit from it. Should the pattern suddenly reverse in 2012 it would instead benefit his eventual Republican challenger, politically-speaking.

One response to “Perceptions of the economy are improving

  1. Ben, I was thinking about your various posts on how the economy is the biggest factor in a president’s re-election prospects as I was reading this article: It discusses how various presidents and governors try to take credit for good economic changes, and/or blame the current leader for bad changes. So, it looks like the politicians understand that people will vote based on the economy, and try to play it to their advantage.

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