Religious affiliation and partisanship in Boyle County

More from the 2011 Boyle County Exit Poll – here’s the breakdown of partisanship by religious affiliation in Boyle County. As before, Independents who lean toward a party are included with the partisans. These are also ranked in order from most to least Republican.

Democrat Independent Republican
Evangelical Protestant 27.1% 7.7% 65.2%
Mormon / LDS 36.8% 10.5% 52.6%
Roman Catholic 44.5% 6.7% 48.8%
Mainline Protestant 50.2% 2.0% 47.8%
Other 59.8% 10.7% 29.5%
Black Protestant 92.9% 7.1% 0.0%

No big surprises here. I compared these figures to a national sample from the Pew Religious Landscape Survey. For the most part, the relationship between religion and partisanship is similar between Boyle County and the wider nation, with a few interesting exceptions: Boyle County Evangelicals and Catholics are about 10-15% more Republican than their national counterparts, while Mormons and Black Protestants are about 10% less Republican in Boyle County than at the national level.

I don’t have any immediate explanation for this interesting pattern, and I’m open to suggestions.

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