Who votes in Boyle County?

More from the 2011 Boyle County Exit Poll — a break-down of the demographic characteristics of Boyle County voters:

Age 18-29 6.2%
Age 30-44 23.1%
Age 45-64 45.1%
Age 65+ 25.5%
Income < $20K/year 10.4%
Income $20-$50K/year 20.5%
Income > $50K/year 69.1%
Female 49.0%
Male 51.0%
White 94.7%
African-American 4.4%
Hispanic 0.1%
High school or less 13.5%
College or some college 57.9%
Post-graduate degree 28.5%
Attend church never 12.9%
Attend church occasionally or once per ย  week 32.1%
Attend church more than once per week 55.0%
Evangelical Protestant 21.7%
Mainline Protestant 34.8%
Black Protestant 1.6%
Roman Catholic 12.2%
Jewish 0.5%
Mormon/LDS 1.1%
Other 28.1%

It looks like the “average” voter in Boyle County is a 53-year-old, white, upper-middle-class male who frequently attends a Mainline Protestant church.

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