Centre College enjoys high favorability among most Danville voters

96% of Danville voters view Centre College favorably, according to our 2011 Boyle County Exit Poll. However, 26.5% said that they feel that Centre College “gets too many unfair advantages within the city.”

Who feels that Centre receives unfair advantages? There seem to be four different things that make a difference. First: education. Only 16% of those with postgraduate degrees agree compared to nearly 46% of those who didn’t finish high school. Second: age. 33% of those over age 65 are in agreement vs. 27% of those under 30. Third: income. 23% of those who make more than $50K/year  agree compared to 42% of those who make less than $20K/year. Fourth: political ideology. 31% of conservatives but only 18% of liberals think that Centre gets unfair advantages in the community. Things like church attendance, partisanship, and Tea Party agreement don’t seem to make much of a difference.

On the whole, the general pattern seems to be that lower socioeconomic status and conservative political ideology are the chief predictors of who feels “resentful” toward Centre College for receiving unfair advantages in the Danville community.

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