Feelings toward parties, financial crisis, and KY senators: by party

By popular demand, here’s a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post. Here are the same figures broken down by partisanship. Independent leaners are included with the partisans. And again, these include all Boyle County and Danville residents.

Considering Kentucky’s two senators, which best represents your views?
Democrats Independents Republicans
McConnell 12.9% 22.4% 31.0%
Paul 9.1% 21.5% 42.4%
Both equally 3.0% 10.3% 13.5%
Neither 75.0% 45.8% 13.0%
In your view, which most accurately describes how things are going in Washington these days?
One party is too partisan
24.0% 16.2% 12.0%
Both parties are too partisan
63.2% 72.1% 63.6%
Both parties should fight for their views, even if it IS
12.8% 11.7% 23.4%
Who is MOST responsible for the current financial crisis?
Wall Street / big business
40.1% 46.1% 25.0%
Obama administration
5.6% 15.7% 41.0%
Bush administration
31.8% 8.8% 1.1%
19.4% 16.7% 25.2%
Homeowners / consumers
3.1% 12.7% 7.1%

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