Basic political attitudes: Danville vs. Boyle County

More from the 2011 Boyle County Exit Poll:

Danville Boyle County
Approve – Barack Obama 35.2% 26.4%
Approve – Mitch McConnell 38.3% 40.4%
Approve – Rand Paul 48.6% 48.4%
Approve – Ben Chandler 44.5% 42.2%
Approve – Harold McKinney 80.7% 72.2%
“Agree” with the Tea Party 50.0% 54.2%
Liberal 21.1% 15.5%
Moderate 39.8% 36.0%
Conservative 39.2% 48.5%
Democrat and Independent leaners 48.1% 48.4%
Pure Independents 5.5% 8.4%
Republican and Independent leaners 46.4% 43.2%

For the most part, it looks like there’s not too many significant political differences between residents of Danville vs. wider Boyle County. The county residents have about a 10% lower approval rating of President Obama and Judge McKinney. The county also leans more conservative than the city, but there’s no significant partisan difference between the two.

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