Mayor Hunstad’s approval rating positive among Danville minorities

A few weeks ago Danville Mayor Bernie Hunstad was accused in a city council meeting of “ignoring the black community” (see here). According to our 2011 Boyle County Exit Poll, Mayor Hunstad’s approval rating is actually fairly positive among African-American voters polled in the survey: 45.3% approve of how he is handling his job. This is a full 10.5% higher than his 34.8% approval rating among white respondents. This suggests that the sentiment about Mayor Hunstad “ignoring the black community” is not universally shared among African-American voters in Danville.

One small caveat: African-Americans made up only 4.4% of those who participated in the survey (46 individual voters in all) on Tuesday, so we can only draw so many conclusions about how representative these numbers are of the African-American community in Danville as a whole.

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