2011 Boyle County Exit Poll – actual vs. sample results

Actual results Exit poll results Size of difference
Williams 29.07% 26.70% 2.37%
Beshear 54.94% 56.30% 1.36%
Galbraith 15.99% 16.70% 0.71%
Johnson 34.84% 33.30% 1.54%
Grimes 65.16% 66.70% 1.54%
P’Pool 41.65% 40.50% 1.15%
Conway 58.35% 59.50% 1.15%

This table compares the results from Tuesday’s exit poll (third column) to the actual Boyle County results from the Secretary of State’s website (second column). The fourth column on the right shows the overall difference between the two. On average, our exit poll is 1.4% off from the actual results, suggesting that the other results presented in yesterday’s post, including those measuring approval of the various Danville and Boyle elected officials, are likely very accurate as well.

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