Obama disapproval at 51%, but not all for the same reasons

The CNN Poll of Polls today shows President Obama with a 45% approval rating versus a 51% disapproval rating. The interesting finding, though, is this:

“In Obama’s case, … polls indicate that roughly one in three Americans who disapprove of him feel that way because he has not been liberal enough.  Those people may not vote for Obama by staying at home on election day or voting for a third-party candidate, but they are probably not going to vote Republican.” [I would make a slight revision to this conclusion: very few of them will vote for a third-party candidate.]

I think this is interesting because it suggests that only about 35% of Americans disapproves of Obama because he’s too liberal. On the other hand, about 17% of Americans disapprove only because he’s not being enough of a liberal. This suggests that a little over 60% of Americans generally support the President’s agenda or wish he would more aggressively pursue it.

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