Rand Paul’s surprising non-extremism

Interested Kentuckians might enjoy this write-up of Senator Paul’s recent activities: http://www.rollcall.com/issues/57_44/Rand-Paul-Finds-His-Groove-209595-1.html

The basic gist of the article is that Rand Paul is going to great lengths to learn to be an effective senator and is generally not coming off as “Tea Party crazy” as his opponents often make him out be.

An excerpt:

GOP aides say Paul has prioritized learning the levers and traditions of the Senate, and he has channeled his efforts to affect policy in a manner deemed “constructive” and results-oriented by most Republicans.

Even Democratic whip Dick Durbin had kind words:

“I’ve watched him carefully since he came,” the Illinois Democrat said. “We’ve come to him sometimes with his amendments, and I think he’s been reasonable. I don’t have a negative view of what he’s done. I think he’s exercising his authority as a Senator.”

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