So voting is stressful… but not for me!

This research article suggests that voting is a physiologically and emotionally stressful activity for most people to engage in. The researchers found that people going to vote tend to have higher levels of cortisol, or a “stress hormone” present in their systems than people who aren’t in a voting situation.

This suggests that voting is perceived to be a “burden” for most people. Personally, I think this is unfortunate. Democratic governments require only the most limited input from their citizens: casting a vote every couple of years to choose elected officials do to their decision-making job for them. In my view, that’s a pretty good bargain for the privilege of not being ruled by an authoritarian dictator.

I wonder what the researchers would find if they repeated the sample procedure on political geeks like myself who get their jollies out of making voting decisions and filling out a ballot in the voting booth? Increased endorphin levels, perhaps?

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