Random Sampler

  • I think this is fascinating: “Mapping the Nation’s Well-Being“. It’s also a bit depressing because Kentucky is near the bottom of just about every “well-being” indicator measured by Gallup. Interestingly, both of my previous places of residence (Utah and eastern Iowa) are near the top of just about everyone one of these well-being indicators.
  • CNN’s Gloria Borger describes President Obama’s personality: “a deep tempermental caution, served with a side of prudence.” She talks about this like it’s a novel revelation. As I’ve described before, though, political psychologists predicted that this would be his style long before he was even elected.
  • Speaking of psychology, this helps explain why so many college professors are politically liberal: “Individuals with the personality trait that most strongly predicts an inclination toward liberal politics [openness to experience] also predict an attraction to academic careers.”

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