Review of “Decision Points”, Part 2

Over the Christmas break I read Decision Points, the recently-released memoirs of President George W. Bush. I posted some impressions and reactions earlier; here are some more:

His relationships with other world leaders were a lot fun to read about. He and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were great friends, while it was evident that no love was lost between Bush and French President Jacques Chirac.

While he is willing to admit mistakes at times, he also speaks on some issues through rose-colored glasses. For example, reading this book would leave you with the impression that No Child Left Behind has been an outstanding success.

Interestingly, he spends very little time talking about the 2000 presidential election, and he has only kind words to say about Al Gore. Bush speaks at length about the 2004 presidential election, however, and has rather harsh words reserved for John Kerry and John Edwards. I am curious as to this choice, as I perceived the 2000 election to be of more historical interest and more contentious than the 2004 election.

All in all, I would recommend Decision Points to anyone. It’s a fascinating read and I feel that I have a much better understanding of the Bush administration, as well as George W. Bush as an individual.

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