John Quincy at age 26

I’m currently reading a biography of President John Quincy Adams by Robert Remini. It’s part of an effort to learn more about the America of 1815-1860. (Next on my list are biographies of Andrew Jackson and Kentucky’s famous Henry Clay.)

I was impressed to learn that John Quincy was appointed by President Washington to be the ambassador to the Netherlands in 1794. At the time he was only 26 years old and had already spent a great deal of time in France, the Netherlands, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. He could also speak at least three languages fluently.

As I myself am of comparable age (27), it prompted me to reflect a bit on what I have accomplished in similar amount of time…

One response to “John Quincy at age 26

  1. As Tom Lehrer said when he was a bit older than you, “When Mozart was my age he had been dead for three years.”

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