Kentucky’s proposed immigration law

The Kentucky Senate has recently passed SB6, a conservative immigration bill along the lines of the law passed last year in Arizona. Given my previous support for pro-immigration policies, some have asked my thoughts on the matter.

I’m not too terribly worried. The Kentucky House of Representatives is dominated by Democrats and Governor Beshear is a Democrat. Even though Kentucky Democrats are some of the most socially conservative Democrats in the country, House Speaker Stumbo has said that he’s unlikely to even consider the immigration bill from the Senate. Even if they were to consider it and pass it, which is unlikely, Governor Beshear would likely veto it. There is currently strong institutional and partisan opposition to this bill as things currently stand in the Kentucky government.

As has been noted by several local journalists, SB6 can be considered more as an attempt by Senate President Williams to hone his conservative credentials as he prepares for the upcoming gubernatorial election, and less as a serious attempt to pass a bipartisan piece of legislation with an actual chance of becoming law.

3 responses to “Kentucky’s proposed immigration law

  1. So what bout the people who follow the laws. Also what bout the children who are american citizens that are hispanic. Is our government really so selfish that they are willing to take the peoples rights from them to choose who they love and who they can be around. I don’t understand how they can take a citizens rights from them just because they feel someone is here ilegal. This is supposed to be a free country where is the freedom when we will not be allowed to walk down the street with out being asked if we have papers to live in the state of Kentucky. Please tell me where is the freedom in that

  2. I agreewith what u say.The united states is a free country.And even if children born to Illegal aliens here in the USA are definetely citizens and we have no right to take that away from them.I also agree this new law is a lot of crap….imagine asking for papers from whoever walks the street just because the are brown and olive skined!! BUT i have my complaints too…all is not good.I agree the aliens come here to work and send money back home…..but this is all changing now.Now intead the aliens smuggle thier entier families here(because the have come to know the grass is much greener on this side!!) as soon as the wives come along then in flash out come all the babies,then they go get free stamps,money(200 for each child)food,clothes,school benifits,free hospital charges,dentist charges free etc.They also lie a lot at the welfare offices(they all live together uncles,cousins and brothers etc and pay very less rent,)saying that they dont have husbands they dont work etc when in reality the husbands make quite good an income having two two jobs each plus money that thier USA born children bring in…..also i have seen them using fake papers to get jobs now even in the YMCA,universities,5 star hotels etc.So i think on the contrary they are DRAINING the economy.Now am i right or wrong?u be the judge.BUT on the whole i beleive we have to treat them humanely and not arrest them or send them home(except the ones that drive drunk,dont want to buy car insurance,dont attend court hearings,dont pay court fines for the offences they commit while driving,stealing,etc.) We still have to accept and love them.Thats what God says and we have to respect that.AMEN AMEN!!!!

  3. Mary Herald, it is apparent to me that you don’t work and pay taxes. If you did, you would quickly get tired of your tax money going to people that are committing a federal crime just by being here. By the way, people will take you more seriously if you were to learn how to spell.

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