New Danville city council’s first public meeting

Danville’s newly elected city council held its first public meeting this evening at City Hall. Unfortunately, the meeting started at 5:30 while being advertised in the newspaper and city website as starting at 6:30. Consequently, several community members (including myself) enthusiastically showed up at 6:30 to learn more about our new Danville government… only to be disappointed that we missed most of the meeting. 

Of course I don’t know whether it was the new council or the newspaper that was primarily responsible for dropping the ball on that. However, Mayor Hunstad was just elected on a strong platform of the importance of openness, transparency, and increased communication between the city council and community. He may want to take note and make a greater effort to ensure that the new council’s meeting times are appropriately advertised to the public, especially when the council meets at a different time than has customarily been the case.

Logistical difficulties aside, however, the new council members, including Mayor Hunstad, exhibited confidence in executing their duties. While I don’t think there is a direct causal connection, I do find it interesting that the strain of fiscal conservativism/anti-establishmentism that manifested itself in November’s national elections seemed to be duplicated in the results of the Danville local city council elections. Perhaps the economic forces that explain so much of the Republican victory in the U.S. Congress are partially responsible for the new make-up of the Danville city council as well.

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