How did Centre students vote?

Based on the election returns reported last night at the Boyle County courthouse, here are the results for all those who voted in the “Centre College” precinct:

  • 24% voted for Hunstad for Danville mayor, while 76% voted for Gay.
  • For the city commission: 25% Atkins, 12% Louis, 6% Montgomery, 3% Cline, 17% Crowley, 17% Caudill, 15% Hamner, and 5% Isaacs.
  • 34% voted for Rand Paul for U.S. Senator and 66% voted for Jack Conway.
  • 36% voted for Andy Barr for U.S. Representative and 64% voted for Ben Chandler.

It seems the Centre students who chose to vote locally instead of by absentee ballot from their home communities voted largely Democratic, and largely pro-incumbent in the local election race, with the exception of supporting non-incumbent Atkins.

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