Danville election results

Coming to  you from the Campus Center at Centre College at the College Democrats / Republicans election night results viewing “party”…

Bernie Hunstad won the Danville mayoral election, 52.9% to 47.1%.

The new Danville city commissioners are: Atkins (18.8%), Caudill (15.2%), Louis (16.5%), and Montgomery (13.1%).

Readers may remember that I originally predicted Gay to win the mayoral race, but by a small margin. It looks like I was right about the small margin, but wrong about the winner. I was also off on the city commission election. I predicted that Hamner, Crowley, Caudill, and Louis would win, with Atkins coming in a “distant fifth”. I was 2 for 4. Louis and Caudill won all right, but incumbents Hamner and Crowley did not.

My initial assessment is that the city candidates, despite running on a non-partisan ticket, implicitly formed an ideological “slate” that voters were able to perceive. Louis and Montgomery aligned themselves with Hunstad, and the Hunstad voters likely then voted for Louis and Montgomery accordingly.

Congratulations to the new mayor and commissioners.

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