Support the DREAM Act!

From America’s Voice:

The DREAM Act is bipartisan legislation that would give eligible young people who were brought to the U.S. as children the opportunity to legalize their immigration status and work towards citizenship.

To move from being undocumented to being a U.S. citizen, eligible young people would be required to pass background checks, be of good moral character, graduate from high school and go on to attend college or serve in the military.  It is estimated that each year, 65,000 young people graduate from high school in the U.S. who find themselves unable to work, join the military or go to college because of their immigration status.  Approximately 800,000 young people would be eligible for the DREAM Act upon passage.

Even the military loves the DREAM Act:

Many military experts have come out in support of the DREAM Act because it would significantly increase the pool of qualified recruits in the Latino population, which comprises the majority of undocumented immigrants and which research indicates are more likely to enlist and serve in the military than any other group.

Margaret Stock, retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, has stated “Potential DREAM Act beneficiaries are also likely to be a military recruiter’s dream candidates for enlistment … In a time when qualified recruits—particularly ones with foreign language skills and foreign cultural awareness – are in short supply, enforcing deportation laws against these young people makes no sense. Americans who care about our national security should encourage Congress to pass the DREAM Act.” Conservative military scholar Max Boot has stated, “I think it’s crazy we are not tapping into it.”

The Senate will be taking up this legislation next week. Please contact your Senators soon and urge them to support this legislation!

More information available here:

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