The zingers of Fancy Farm

As a newcomer to Kentucky, I had never heard of Fancy Farm until this last weekend when it dominated the local political headlines. Fortunately, there’s a Wikipedia article on the topic where I was able to catch up. “Fancy Farm” is an annual event similar to a low-key county fair (minus the animals and amusement park rides) where state-wide political officers and candidates traditionally make “fiery” campaign speeches. It’s expected that the candidates deliver their best zingers to their opponents and success is measured by the noise of the raucous crowd.

For those who didn’t attend (like myself),’s Bluegrass Politics put together a 3-minute summary of the best zingers from the two Senatorial candidates: Jack Conway (D) and Rand Paul (R). It’s worth a watch:

Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell’s jab on Conway’s language is a reference to Conway’s speech at last year’s Fancy Farm, where he described himself as “one tough son of a b—-“. This prompted this year’s organizers to implement a “clean language only” rule. (For my non-Kentucky audience: how many places in the country can you think of that would do something like that?)

A more detailed report of the event can be found here:

Events such as these play out on the national level as well. During each presidential campaign season, it’s customary for the two presidential candidates to deliver self-depreciating and humorous remarks at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City. The 2008 Obama vs. McCain speeches can be viewed here and it’s also worth a watch:

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