What if political scientists wrote the news…?

This is worth a read:


My favorite part:

That candidate will then face off against Obama, whose charisma, compelling personal story, and professional political operation will prove formidable. Actually, Obama will probably win because he’s the incumbent. And because voters always go with the guy who’s taller.

One of my objectives as a professor is to help my students become more savvy consumers of political news. Journalists and political scientists both have the same objective: to describe and explain political events. While there are many journalists who do a masterfull job of describing political events, I humbly submit that political scientists have the edge in explaining these events. In otherwords, I wouldn’t hesitate turning to my newspaper to get the “Who, What, Where, and When”, but I would exercise caution when relying on the media for the “Why”.

I certainly don’t mean to disparage the field of journalism which has many strengths and advantages. But political scientists simply have several more tools at their disposal to help explain the “why” behind political events and phenomenon.

For more on this topic, see:




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