Welcome to the inaugural post of the “Information Knoll” blog. The objectives of this blog are as follows:

  1. To provide commentary and analysis on U.S., Kentucky, and Boyle county politics from the perspective of a political science professor at a small liberal arts college.
  2. To share information about my current research projects and any insights they might provide to help understand contemporary American politics.
  3. To provide an educational resource for my intrepid Government students, as well as the entire Centre community.
  4. To provide a personal alternative venue for publishing blog posts of a political nature. My extended family gets on my case whenever I publish blog posts on our family blog that don’t somewhere include pictures of my daughter! :-)

It is imporant to note that, as all psychologists and post-modern theorists are well aware, no one can be completely “objective” in his or her perspectives and attitudes. While I will endeavor herein to maintain academic objectivity, it is possible that my own personal views might slip in once in a while. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit my ideological biases up front: I’m a strong liberal on economic policy. I tend to be conservative on a smattering of social issues, but liberal on others (such as immigration and racial policies). I also tend to a left-leaning moderate on foreign policy, depending on the issue. All in all, I am a fairly dependable Democrat and vote accordingly, although I will admit to having voted for a Republican once upon a time in a U.S. Senate race in Utah and in a state Secretary of Agriculture race in Iowa.

Also, my general policy on leaving comments is that I will be restricting comments to my students and those from the Centre College community and local area. However is anyone else has something productive and constructive to say, I will certainly consider allowing them to be posted.

Finally, the title of the blog is a very poor pun on the phonetic pronunciation of the word “informational”. Hopefully, readers will find Information Knoll to be at least marginally ”informational”…

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